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Soft Loft-Casa Viva
Αστικό Τοπίο

A presentation of Thission Lofts project on the tv programe ‘Urban Landscapes’

Athens Insights: Martha Giannakopoulou If-Untitled Architects

Brava Casa
Arxitektonika Themata
Elliniko Spiti
House & Garden

In collaboration with Lydia Kallipoliti,a group of engineering, architecture and art students from the Cooper Union  presented an off-grid lighting installation at the East 4th Street Cultural District. The installation was  powered by alternative energy generation techniques including solar cells, bioluminescent pods and an interactive performance that will illuminate the streetscape. A series of illuminated chambers of tonic water and energy drinks will be incorporated in the lighting installation, creating a public nonalcoholic suspended bar providing drinks to visitors. 
This installation is part of FABnyc and CUISD’s SUSTAIN project. 
Supported by the Cooper Union’s Institute for Sustainable design, The Cooper Union’s Feltman Lighting Fund and the Benjamin Menschel Faculty Fellowship. 
Special thanks to Jasa.org

Votre Beaute

Ghent – ICCARUS: An intricate and innovative journey of vulnerable citizens transforming their homes

The Ghent Knapt Op pilot project focuses on the renovation of existing substandard homes of vulnerable homeowners. The project aims to renovate 100 homes, addressing the issue of the complex issue of energy poverty and affordable housing in a holistic approach: not only financially supporting residents to bring their housing up to standard, but also enabling active citizenship, inclusion and longer-term sustainability with setting up the recurring fund. At the same time, the city of Ghent is creating a financial and social model in which vulnerable citizens are partners to co-lead and co-design their houses to be transformed into homes. This video has been produced by UIA with the support of Martha Giannakopoulou, UIA expert. To find more about the URBACT and UIA initiative on “Cities engaging in the right to housing” explore the www.right2housing.eu platform.

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